Mommy’s First Glance Reviews


Mommys first glance reviews Sheena Cierra,

  • I had an amazing experience!!! Everyone was so friendly, and the atmosphere was so relaxing and comforting!! I got great ultrasound pictures of my baby girl…I recommend that every mother whether it’s ur first time doing an ultrasound or ur third…go to mommys first glance, you won’t regret it!!!

Mommys first glance reviews Travis and Samantha, 

  • My wife and I were treated a lovely atmosphere, with some amazing pictures and video of our little girl. You guys are very nice and professional, and I was pleasantly surprised at how well you could produce the images during the ultrasound. Your pricing is also much less than other places offer, with more photos and the CD included, which is more than other places give as well. Thank you!   Travis and Samantha 

Mommys first glance reviews Jennifer W.Avondale, Pennsylvania

  • My husband, son, and I had an excellent experience. The owner made us feel very comfortable and answered all of our questions. Plus, the packages were the best pricing anywhere local to us. We are so excited to have and to share our photos of our baby girl! I would recommend Mommy’s First Glance to anyone who is pregnant and wants to have this connection with their baby

Mommys first glance reviews Shauna M.Royersford, Pennsylvania

  • Thank you so much for a wonderful 1/2 hour of watching our little girl-we enjoyed it so much and we can’t wait to show our parents the amazing pictures we got tonight. Thanks again!  If you are on the fence about having a 3d ultrasound done…JUST DO IT!! It was amazing and we are so happy we did it. We can even tell who our little girl looks like.  I absolutely would recommend Mommy’s First Glance to anyone.Honestly worth every penny. I was completely satisfied with everything thank you girls.

Mommys first glance reviews Jessica P., Wilmington, DE

  • So glad I found this place. Even tho the drive was an hour & half way but ended up being a 2 & half hour drive, & me having to hold my pee the hold ride,  it was all soooooo worth it. Got awesome shots of my lil girl, & the ultrasound tech was very sweet & made our time there nice. Thank you!

Mommys first glance reviews Melissa H., Trenton, NJ

  • All mommies to be should go there.  It’s a great place.  I got great pics of my baby boy.

Mommys first glance reviews Whitney W., Reading, PA

  • This place give me a reason to want to have another baby…give me 5 years, and I will so be here!
    Whitney W.

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